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Septic Tank Treatment

Trusted Products for 40 years !

Last up to 2 YEARS !

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24 Applications


Last up to 6 YEARS !

72 Applications


* Adds Bacteria to help break down waste

* Helps to prevent Septic System Failures

* Eliminates build-up in your drain field

* Reduces the need for frequent pump outs

* All natural and environmentally safe

* Simple to use - measuring scoop included

* Helps to prevent Septic System Replacements

* Protects your drain field

* Reduce Septic System Costs



* Prevents Clogs

* Opens slow drains

* Eliminates Odors

* Breaks down soap scum

* Breaks down hair and Grease

* Breaks down organic buildup

* An Environmentally safe "Green" formulation

* Free of chemicals, caustics and pollutants

* Safe for ALL types of plumbing and fixtures

* Beneficial for homes with septic systems

EZ-Flow Full Strength BLEND OF NATURAL ENZYMES. Use 3 ounces once a month down all of your drains, bathtub, shower, and sinks. You can run it through your dishwasher/washing machine.

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